EA assists private company owners to identify and achieve their ownership goals. Whether your goal is to continue to own your company, improve its performance, sell, merge or make an acquisition, pass ownership to family or employees, or you aren’t sure what you should do, EA exists to help you make and execute sound decisions.

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“It takes more than luck and hard work to be in business for five generations. After nearly 140 years, our family enterprise has seen a number of occasions where shareholders decide they want their money after all. With that decision comes the obligation to fairly value a wide array of assets and present a solution that can work for all involved. Frank Evans has led us on more than one occasion to a business value that reflects much more than what a balance sheet or income statement can yield. Understanding how a private business works is a crucial talent, but assembling a tax-efficient, clean-thinking yet cousin-friendly plan for succession is what Frank does best.”

R. A. Everist, Chairman,
L. G. Everist, Inc., Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“Frank’s vision and leadership were key in the simultaneous merger of four companies that created one of the largest in our industry. Throughout the process, he laid out our strategic options and opened our minds significantly. His fair, but brutally honest and balanced input helped to build essential trust among the principals in our complex transaction. Frank’s emphasis on the risk/rewards of wealth concentrated in a private company investment and how to build its value was truly sage advice.”

Kevin McCarter, CEO and Principal,
PetroLiance, Elgin, Illinois

“Frank’s counsel throughout the course of the sale was invaluable.  He was an experienced and capable guide through the tangle of legal, accounting, tax, financial, negotiation, and shareholders’ personal issues that surround a sale.  His only interest was in seeing that we did as well as possible, and not just in a financial sense—he made us more comfortable with the process, as well.”

William J. Bresnahan, Chairman,
Hynes Industries, Youngstown, Ohio

Like many family-owned businesses, we have had our share of difficult transitions in ownership and leadership. For over 20 years, Frank has worked with two generations of the George family and has helped not only with the significant financial issues facing the company, but he has also helped navigate through the sensitive and very difficult family connections. While Frank’s professional background is in the financial arena, he also understands the importance of company culture and the personal styles of business owners/CEOs. His insights and suggestions over the years have been invaluable to me personally, and to our company, and our 500 plus employees.

David George, President/CEO,
Joy Cone Company, Hermitage, PA

It was difficult to split up our company after 50 successful years but we needed to do it for our families. Frank designed a Plan of Division that was workable and assisted us to execute it. Now that it is completed, we see a brighter future personally and financially for all of us. Frank was a great help.

James Weller Sr., Jack Weller, Founders,
Liberty Steel Products, Inc., North Jackson, Ohio

After thirty nine years in business a person crosses paths with numerous individuals. Having known Frank for ten of those years puts him on the list of a cherished consultant. His heartfelt, probing questions are right on the mark when you are solidifying any type of business legacy planning. His advice helped me to decide not to make any ownership changes at this time to best accomplish my goals.

Judd Roseberry, CEO and Owner,
Richwood Industries, Inc., Huntington, West Virginia

During my 35+ years in global relocation and real estate businesses I have been involved in more than a dozen acquisition transactions. Even though the transaction we were involved in recently with Frank didn't work for us, he was the most professional, helpful, and on target consultant/ facilitator I have had the pleasure of working with on either side of a deal. We could count on him to see the opportunity from both sides and design a communications plan to help both understand what was important. I highly recommend his services.

Mickey Williams, CEO,
CapRelo, Sterling, VA

“In my career, I have dealt with dozens of consultants in one manner or another. Frank stands out as one of only 2 that I would recommend to other business owners. Ours was a 3rd generation business with a majority owner with children and myself as minority owners in an industry that was rapidly consolidating with soaring capital requirement to remain viable. Frank Evans assisted our company and owner(s) in navigating the succession /exit options available after 50 years in business. His knowledge of finance, business cycles, valuation and petroleum businesses coupled with his skillful manner of putting everything in terms that made sense to the ownership was truly the key to a successful business strategy. He was able to communicate the business status and options by using facts that simply left everyone with a clear understanding of the current status and options available while minimizing the emotional pulls in a family business. His understanding of the need to bring ownership to recognize the positive and negative realities in the business was crucial to the owners making informed decisions. I would highly recommend Frank for anyone facing ownership and succession planning decisions.

Dennis Fitzgerald, President
Knox Nelson Oil Company, Little Rock, Arkansas

I had the opportunity to see Frank advise a confused owner who had to decide between selling or depending on a family member to take over her company. He helped her to realize that selling was the safer and more lucrative choice and then lead us through a challenging sale process with several potential buyers that brought an excellent price. Frank’s patience, communication skills and valuation knowledge were critical to our success.

Peggy Pastore, CFO,
Allegiance Relocation Services, Woodbridge, Virginia

“Through my interactions with Frank we were able to evaluate the options available to us that business managers engaged in the day to day operations would not be able to fully recognize, comprehend or understand. Frank engaged us in questions that were vital to recognizing the opportunity that was available. “

James C. Landino, Owner and CEO,
Sunbelt Transformer, Temple, Texas

“Through my consulting firm I have worked with Frank at many client companies whose ownership and succession issues were complex, fraught with stress and where family fortune, legacy and relationships were at stake.  Frank has a unique way of being able to connect with people at a personal level that allows him to be bluntly honest without offending.  He always gives the advice and counsel that people need to hear without compromising it to what they want to hear. The result of these attributes is that a client cannot stand in a state of denial when working with Frank.  I have worked with these types of complex ownership environments for 30 years and I have never worked with a professional advisor who can motivate a client to do the right thing better than Frank Evans.  Many, many businesses owe Frank for the financial fortune and family relationships that they enjoy in their retirement.”

Donald W. Moore, President and Owner,
Decision Associates, Erie, PA

“Over the years I have seen Frank in many situations where he advises private business owners with respect to their ownership stakes. He is an expert in mentoring these owners, in helping them develop and refine strategic, financial and personal goals to decide whether and/or how to maximize value for their stakes, and in executing on those goals. He has a remarkable ability to analyze complex personal and financial facts, crisply communicate clear strategies to achieve value and personal fulfillment, and assist in the transactional result-- whether it be a merger, joint venture, recapitalization or some other form of change of control. He is part keen financial adviser, part astute strategist, part wise psychologist. He is someone owners want by their side to make what is often the most important financial decision of a lifetime.”

Peter C. Blasier, Esq.,
Reed Smith LLP, Pittsburgh, PA

"Private company investments are uniquely complex because they often involve strategic, personal and financial decisions.  This becomes even more challenging when there are multiple owners or family members involved.  Frank's expertise and experience are ideally suited to devising solutions that benefit everyone involved.  We have seen him roll up his sleeves to tackle even tough cultural issues and then help owners to retain experts needed to carry out the plan."

Scott T. Berlin, Managing Director & Principal,
Brown Gibbons Lang & Company, Cleveland, Ohio

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